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Frequently Asked Questions

These questions and answers may explain some of your queries. If not, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

Q. How much will it cost ?

Please see our Prices page for current prices.

Q. We don't currently have our own web site, so how can we link to yours ?
A. You don't need your own web site to use our service. We will create a front page for you, called something like "" and your albums will be accessible from there.
Q. We already have a web site, we can easily load pictures to our own web site.
A. This is true, but setting up the HTML can be fiddly and time-consuming especially if you want to allow viewers to scroll forward and backward reasonably easily (not to mention the online ordering and password protection facilities). Our data base system creates all the required HTML files automatically, which cuts out all of the pain. Call us if you would like us to help extend your own site.
Q. We use film cameras for our wedding photography - is this a problem ?
A. Not at all. Most photographic labs will offer scanning services and give you a disc of digital images which you can send to us.
Q. How do we give you our reprint sizes and prices ?
A. When (or before) you send your first album, we setup details on our data base of your reprint sizes and associated prices, and these can be changed at any time by letting us know.
Q. If we publish our photographs on the web, anyone can download them so we never get any reprint orders. Is this really such a smart idea ?
A. Our web site does contain features which minimise the risk of images being downloaded, but there is no way to totally prevent it. We size the photos with a maximum dimension of 400 pixels, which means that almost anybody can view them reasonably without scrolling up/down or left/right on a screen at 800x600, BUT has the other advantage that the quality is really poor for downloading and printing.
Q. We don't currently accept credit cards, so the online ordering is no use to us
A. If you currently work with cash and cheques, your albums can be setup that way (i.e. no credit card payments). Orders can still be entered online, and the order printed out and sent to you with the payment. Alternatively, you can open an account (free) with PayPal which would allow you to accept credit card payments without having to open a bank merchant account. Click here for more details.
Q. You say that the albums remain on the web for 12 weeks. Can we extend this period ?

Of course. You can advise us at any time that you would like extra time over and above the 12 weeks. Otherwise we will send you an E-mail to advise you that the period has expired and will be removed within the next 7-10 days. We charge just £2.25 for an additional month.


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