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If you would like to use our services to display your albums, we will need some basic information about you and your business. Please complete the form below and either press the SEND button or print the form and post it to us at:

    HW Computer Publishing
    Coppice House
    GL54 5DN

Sending this information does not oblige you to use us, and no charge is involved - it will simply save time if or when you do decide to send any albums to us. By sending this form, you agree that you have read and understand our privacy policy and our Customer Order Terms & Conditions

  Business Name
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  Post Code
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  Email address
  Web site address (if any)
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  Postage & Packing charges (to be added to each order)
  * delivery U.K.

Per order + per print, to a maximum of £
P&P free for order value over:  

  * delivery Europe Per order + per print, to a maximum of £
P&P free for order value over:  
  * delivery Rest of World Per order + per print, to a maximum of £
P&P free for order value over:  
Which credit/debit cards do you accept (if any) ?

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  If you can accept payments via PayPal, please enter your PayPal account no.
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If you do have your own web site, we will try to use a similar colour scheme with your albums to that used in your web site. In this way you can link from your web site to ours without any obvious break in continuity.

Whether or not you have your own site, you may wish to customise your album displays with different backgrounds, text colours and picture frames. There is a customising tool available at where you can experiment with a few colours and textures and let us know your preferences when you are happy. Please note: there are many more permutations available than are shown on this page, so please contact us with your specific requirements - thank you.



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