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Why use us ?

If you would like to try Online Proofing, it probably doesn't get any easier than this. Simply copy your selected JPEG files on to a CD/DVD (no sizing or rotating required), complete and print a simple form, and drop them in the post-box - whenever you like.

 ...or you can send your image files to us electronically if you prefer - click here for details.

...NO resizing of individual images required, NO uploading of megabytes of data, NO minimum charge or commitment, NO hassle.

...your photographs are normally ready to be viewed on the web within 24 hours of receipt.

...and whether you send us 30 albums/year or just 1-2 doesn't matter, each one is handled individually.

...merges into your own web site etc..

No setup charges

No minimum commitment

So what do we do...

  In the beginning:
  We set up your studio details on our data base - to include your contact information and details of the reprint sizes that you offer, with associated prices.

For your first album, we will setup a single front page for your studio to include details of your offerings, standard print sizes and prices, contact details, etc.. If you have your own web site, we will customise this page to fit in with your own web design, and this is the page you should link into.

  For each album:
  For each album, you send us your digital images either on CD/DVD or electronically.
  We resize them, rotate if necessary, add a watermark if required, generate thumbnail (small) versions, load them into our data base, create all the necessary HTML files and then publish to our web site - where they normally stay for a period of at least 12 weeks. After this period has expired, we will send you an E-mail asking whether you would like more time - otherwise the album will be removed.
  The photographs will usually be loaded to the web site within 24 hours of receipt, but at busy times it may take a little longer.
  We size the images to display on a screen at 800x600 pixels, so the maximum dimension is 400 pixels. This means that almost anybody can view them reasonably without scrolling up/down or left/right as nearly all PC screens these days are at least 800x600 - this size has the additional advantage that it is not possible to download these files and create a reasonable print from them, especially if a watermark has been applied.
  A password may be supplied to restrict access to friends and family.
  If you would like us to hold publication until a certain date (e.g. when bride & groom return from their honeymoon), we will do that for you. Send us the images as soon as they are ready, and we will publish on the agreed date.
  Reprint Payment options:
  You, as the photographer, have the choice whether to accept credit card orders or not. If you prefer not to, any orders can be sent with a cheque directly to you.
  If you do accept credit card orders, a secure SSL area of the web site enables all data (credit card details etc..) to be entered safely and securely. All order details are passed to the studio/photographer via Email using secure techniques. Processing of credit card payments, and the responsibility for all reprint orders lies with you as the photographer - we do not collect the money and then pay you (less a percentage).
  You can also elect to accept payments using PayPal, a long-established secure payment system which enables your clients to pay by credit or debit cards but without you having to register for a merchant account, pay rental on a PDQ machine, etc.. For more details, see our Credit card facilities page or visit the PayPal web site.
  Customising your own album displays
The sample album currently shown on our web site starts with a standard silver grey background and our "YourAlbumOnline" logo.  For your albums:
  You can choose your own background colour or texture with an optional "picture frame" to highlight each photograph.

Use your own logo

  Link directly from your own web site, by just adding an extra link - so it could all appear to be part of your own web site.
  Other changes can be made to the presentation if required but these may incur an extra one-time setup charge.


Before/during the wedding

You need to agree with your clients that the album can be shown on the web (so all the guests can see the lovely photographs etc.). You also need to ensure that as many of the guests as possible are aware of this and that they know the web site address, so they can look at it in due course. It may be worth printing some cards and distributing them among the guests before or during the reception.

If we are told in advance, we will set up the web page beforehand with a message like "the wedding photos of Joseph & Mary will appear here in a few days time - please come back soon"

Remember, the more people look at the photos, the more reprint orders you may receive

Any other questions ?

Check our Frequently asked questions page, or contact us with any other queries or suggestions.


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